Welcome to FOOD STOCK!

We are a German wholesale company specializing in the buying and selling of surplus food products, including those close to their expiration date, expired products, overproduced items, goods with minor defects, etc.

Our team is aimed to reduce food waste in Europe by providing affordable food options and ensuring quick transactions and deliveries.

Besides reducing the food waste, Our team helps businesses to recover some costs, and provides consumers with affordable food options!

Value food
Support economy
Save planet
Help people

We are dealing with a global problem in the food industry:

Food Waste

The EU generates around 58.4 million tonnes of food waste each year.

Economic Impact

The market value of the wasted food is estimated at 132 billion euros annually.

CO₂ Emissions

Food waste is responsible for approx. 8% of global CO₂ emissions.

Social Impact

Approx. 37 million people in Europe cannot afford a healthy diet​.

We use the latest technologies to ensure a well-organized process!

Our website is developed to meet the specific requirements and needs of our business, allowing us to operate efficiently.

We use advanced programs, apps, and platforms to quickly and accurately process product information, manage inventory, handle mailings, and process payments.

Since most of our processes are automated, it allowing us to streamline tasks and enhance productivity!

We have a well-established distribution channel!

Our network includes over 1,800 customers eager to purchase food stocks. By leveraging CRM, we maintain detailed insights into their needs and operations, ensuring we meet their specific requirements. 

Through strong partnerships, we’ve streamlined our payment and pickup processes for swift transactions and rapid deliveries—precisely what everyone needs. Our efficient system allows us to consistently exceed customer expectations.

What have we already achieved?

factories and suppliers

We have built strong relationships with 45.857 factories and food suppliers from 32 countries in Europe.

customers and consumers

We serve 1,884 customers, supplying food stocks to small shops, markets, restaurants, hotels, and offices.

tons of saved food

Over the past 18 years, we have saved ±8.652.000kg of food, undoubtedly making a positive social and economic impact.

tonnes of CO₂ reduced

The disposal of 8.652.000 kg of food in Europe could potentially generate a staggering 21.630 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Help us reduce food waste by

joining our team!

Together, we can be even more effective in reducing food waste across Europe! Whether you are a food supplier manufacturer or a food retailer, you can help us in our mission. With your support, we can make a bigger impact and create a more sustainable future!