About us


FOOD STOCK is an online supermarket where you can order food products that can no longer be sold by producers and wholesalers. We conveniently send your rescued food items to your home by mail. Surplus food is thus brought back into circulation, which in turn reduces food waste.

Only food items that are not needed by food banks end up in our assortment. You can individually put together your shopping or choose one of our curated subscription boxes. You can find more information about our subscription boxes here.

Why food rescue is important

18 million tons of food are wasted annually in Germany! More than half of this is avoidable. This not only wastes the food itself, but also the resources such as CO2 or water that went into the cultivation and production of the food.

At the same time, there is hunger in the world: The nearly one billion hungry people could be fed with less than a quarter of the food wasted in the USA, UK, and Europe.

How we reduce food waste

We bring surplus food back into circulation together with you, which promotes greater appreciation for food and simultaneously reduces food waste.

We purchase food directly from farmers, producers, and wholesalers. These foods can no longer be sold for various reasons: the best-before date is too short or has already passed, too much was produced, the packaging design is outdated, or similar reasons.

We only receive items that other organizations, such as food banks, cannot or do not want to rescue for various reasons. In this way, we see ourselves as a complement to the work of food banks, working together to solve the problem. Any surplus food that remains with us is donated to foodsharing and food banks.

Why Shop at FOOD STOCK

Good for the environment, because every product that is not wasted

✔ saves CO2 emissions

✔ conserves water

✔ raises awareness

Good for you, because with every purchase from us

✔ you contribute to sustainable consumption

✔ you reduce your carbon footprint

✔ you save money

Additionally, in cooperation with Welthungerhilfe, we donate a school meal for a child in Burundi with every order.

Who is Behind FOOD SOTCK

Jewgeni Kazatchkov is the founder and CEO of Food Stock, a German wholesale company based in Berlin. Established in 2003, Food Stock specializes in the buying and selling of surplus food products, including items close to their expiration date, expired products, overproduced items, and goods with minor defects. The company aims to reduce food waste in Europe by providing affordable food options and ensuring quick transactions and deliveries.

Mr. Kazatchkov has been instrumental in developing Food Stock’s business model, which focuses on rescuing surplus food that is not utilized by food banks. This approach helps reduce food waste, conserves resources, and provides cost-effective food solutions to consumers. Additionally, the company donates surplus food to foodsharing initiatives and food banks when possible.

Under Kazatchkov’s leadership, Food Stock has built strong relationships with over 45,000 factories and food suppliers across 32 countries in Europe, serving nearly 1,900 customers, including small shops, markets, restaurants, hotels, and offices. The company’s efforts have resulted in the saving of approximately 8.65 million kilograms of food, which translates into significant reductions in CO2 emissions.