Food Stock is a seller and supplier of food stocks with a short expiry date, short-dated stocks, short shelf-life products, expired or out-of-date food, remaining products, leftovers, surplus, overproduction, and clearance in Europe wholesale.

We buy and sell sweets, drinks, snacks, bakery, coffee and tea, meat and fish, milk products, frozen food, pet food, canned food, grain products, vitamins, etc.

As you can see in our product list, we buy and sell food stocks in the UK, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, France, Italy, Austria, Ukraine, etc.

Unfortunately, due to different reasons, many factories have food stocks with short expiry dates, shelf life or BBD, leftovers, food outlet, remaining stocks, surplus, etc. Usually, they simply dispose of such food stocks which is extra spending, although the products still can be consumed.

Therefore our mission is to use food for others' benefit. Working with us, many factories have saved money. On the other hand, many people have the possibility to buy food for a low price.


Why to buy short-dated or expired food?

Factories, wholesalers, and retail shops in the EU yearly waste ±35,2 million tonnes of food products, which is equal to 57,2 billion euros.

Why does it happen? Factories produce a planned amount of food products, but they can't sell them because of competition, breach of agreements, and other reasons. Thereby they have food stocks, overproduction, leftovers, remaining goods, surplus, and food outlets. In addition, the Best before date or expiry date of such goods decreases and there is nothing left to do like destroy the food.

We buy and sell such goods so that factories can compensate for losses and avoid the utilize expense. On the other hand, people can buy food for a low price. So, If you buy short-dated or expired food you help factories, people, the ecology, and the economy.

Can short-dated or expired food be eaten?

Products with a short expiry date definitely can be eaten! But what about expired products?

Yes, expired products also can be eaten, but not all types of food! For example, food that CAN NOT be eaten: fresh raw meat and fish, baby food, etc. On the other hand, there are a lot of products that can be eaten safely after the expiry date: canned food, grain products, coffee, snacks, sparkling drinks, frozen food, etc.

Thereby we buy products with short expiry dates and some expired products. It helps to reduce food waste in Europe and supports the European economy!